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Entry #1

Hey Guys!

2010-06-16 17:11:58 by PulsarsAndDyingStars

My first real post on here after joining nearly, what 2 years ago? Haha.
I'll be using this to keep you guys updated on new stuff from me and other random shit.

So, firstly, since my machine seems to be buggered, I'm recording some new tracks at my uncle's studio when I'm free next, so they should be finished within the next 3 weeks or so.
Next, anyone in the West Midlands region should look out for Sykes and The Amazons, because we could be playing at a venue near you! I've just joined those wonderful girls as a guitarist. We are the live band that plays with Sykes so if you wanna check out some of her stuff haul your arse to her myspace to have a listen!

I'll have a link ready soon to download the my entire Divide EP, for any of you that are interested, once a few creases have been ironed out and all that shit.

Well I think that's pretty much it for now, I'll update soon hopefully!
x ashy


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2010-08-16 00:30:29

I like yo' singing :D

PulsarsAndDyingStars responds:

Thanks dude :3